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What is auto vote farming?

When one farms auto votes my dear.

Technically that didn't answer my question, maybe I should have phrased it differently, as in how does someone farm auto votes?

Someone anticipates an autovote from an autovoting account the likes of steemyoda, they post more and more often at lower and lower quality, to garner more and more votes, so that they can milk more and more rewards.

Does this answer your question my child?

This manipulation makes me sick to my stomach my lord emperor.

For the most part. When they anticipate does that mean that doesn't always happen they get an upvote on each crap post?...therein would then lay part of the scam?

From the look of it, everyone on the steemyoda autovote list gets an upvote every time they post. As soon as this occurred post HF, accounts such as cryptopie and kingscrown started upping their posting game.