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I feel very happy and full of gratitude writing this, few weeks ago I posted about cleaning up the community I grew up I actually thought it was going to be a not so difficult task which could be carried out with 200sbd or less I was totally wrong. I started with preventing further cases of malaria from occuring by providing mosquito nets and collaborating with a closeby pharmacy in distribution of drugs and mosquito nets which we have been able to donate twice now. Also gave an example to the people on how to install the mosquito nets using one of their rooms as an example
I decided to start the full clean up by starting with four paid labourer assisted by myself and few friends. 3_ACBB8_E4_9_B48_4767_925_D_C281_C5_CEE4_A6

We couldn’t do much on the second day due to the rain and it gave us a setback.

In other to avoid water storing up on the road we had to fill up so many spots with sand from digging and we had to buy broken blocks at a cheaper price from a nearby factory ,gravel cause a portion of the road was sinking really bad

Digging of the ditches was so stressful , we made a proper drainage system to avoid flooding in the case of heavy rain
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The whole process took a whole four days including (from morning till evening)
3_C608_D4_F_2_C51_450_A_8105_9_D048_A753_F5_C we had to create fresh ditches and re-dig and cleanup the existing ones.
The whole experience was tougher than I thought it would be, from running out of funds, having to walk distances to get refreshments,the screen of my phone breaking in the process .E55_A92_D8_3_F86_4840_A596_ECB8_AC6_C8_FDD

At a point I was really frustrated and tired ABD4_C534_5_E89_4_D0_A_908_D_5057_A9604_AAA

The thought of avoiding another case of losing a child to malaria gave me the motivation I needed.The whole clean up opened my eyes to so many societal problems we overlook. A man approached me and offered to help pack the dirt for any amount so he could feed himself, this brought tears to my eyes before I could say jack he already took the wheelbarrow 542_A573_D_013_E_4_F5_E_B2_BA_EC8_C5_BF37078. After the whole proces we fumigated the whole area. The proceeds from this post will be used to provide more drugs for the clinic and mosquito nets. I would love to challenge us to do our part in our community waiting for the government won’t help or provide any situation (we know that might take forever to happen). The summary of the whole process can be seen in the video below

This whole project was supported by @sircork of @youarehope foundation with 250steem ( I really can’t thank you enough for your monetary and moral support, God bless you real good) . A big thank you to my My friend @tyrex who introduced me to steemit (he made sure he called everyday to check on the progress of the cleanup) . My sis @ifeoluwa88 provided us lunch for two days ( you know I owe you forever). A big thank you to my friend @hardebayo who just joined steemit as a result of this project ( he took all the pictures and videos with his phone and assisted all through)7_D97_E648_AB1_B_4_B00_BE21_8_BEF3242_E17_C A big thank you to @c0ff33a for always encouraging and the entire steemit community. This was made possible by the result of the good deed of @sircork I am really grateful. Vote sircork as a witness E9_FC5_EB5_B241_4032_84_A7_A6_DEB489_EBA7 43_B93_E74_B222_4230_B93_E_768_AD7383_CBB

THIS! This is why our organization was chartered. THIS is what should be on the trending page. THIS is what this community can accomplish together. When a man like @aydayodeji steps up and shows courage, heart and dedication to the love of his people.

We should all be @aydayodeji


This IS awesome!

I'm trying to help the little I can but VP and SP on both my accounts are way down atm.
Peace -@em3

YES! THIS is what should be on the trending page. And we can't stop until we make that happen. You're doing great things for the world, @sircork. My heart swells with pride for what you've accomplished.

Hear here!

You are one of the best men I have ever met in my entire 49 and a half years on this planet, and I've met a lot in a lot of crazy places.

This effort, the sheer magnitude of what you have done here is beyond explanation, comprehension and the understanding of mere mortals like us observing it from afar.

@aydayodeji - You have a the courage of a Lion, the heart of a God and the strength of 10000 men.

You Sir, YOU ARE HOPE! Personified.

This is absolutely amazing. Beyond real.

I am unable to make enough right words here for this.

Now, we need to replace that phone!

I love you brother. I wish I was there digging and sweating beside you every inch of that inconceivable distance.

I remain your humble servent facilitator, this glory is YOURS!

You have blessed me by allowing me to call you brother.

Yours in service,
Founder @YouAreHOPE Foundation
Founder @SteemStarNetwork
Steem Witness #73
and nothing compared to the men who accomplished this mission

I really can’t thank you enough for your contribution and love. God bless you real good boss. You are truly hope for so many people

This is YouAreHope at its very best.

Most excellent congratulations on this project @aydayodeji and all who helped you.

And great thanks to @sircork and @youarehope for helping make this happen.

Thank you so much

I remain your humble servant facilitator, this glory is YOURS!

One of the characters of a LEADER exhibited here, once you are a leader, you are a leader and I am proud to call you a leader, despite all your inputs, you never take the glory for it. TY! 😂😂😁😁😁

@pennsif thank you for being such a contributing member of this little ocean

Upvoted and resteemed for aggrandizement.

I have never met someone so passionate about helping those around despite the fact that you hardly have enough, you could still care pull all this together, may heaven reward you greatly.

My brother thank you for your endless support, can’t appreciate you enough for your constant calls, messages. God bless you real good

omg i was about to cry and then I scrolled down to Aggrandizement HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I love you guys so much right now!

TY! hahahaha

Thank you for that laugh!

I saw that too! Not sure he realizes. Ha!... what they teach in schools sometimes!

TY! Hahahahahahahahahah! Tears dripping while laughing hard reading your comments, you are such a good friend turned brother from afar, you have done so much in your power to put a smile to people's faces here both big and small and may heaven reward you greatly. @HouAreHope at it best again.


It's a beautiful thing to collide with one another with similar goals of doing positive actions, makes me mushy ... 😻

Thank you so much, I see all the amazing work you’re doing in Ghana

Excellent work my friend, we can all learn something from your tireless efforts and hard work supporting your local community. Well done, now have a good rest to recover!

Thank you so much for your constant encouragement, God bless you real good

Wow wow, it's such an amazing job. Who will do this guy's, it's very difficult to get great people like you my friend. God richly bless you my friend @aydayodeji

A big thank you to @youarehope for the support and love to all these situations and @sircork as well for the support and great works. Great job guys 🙏🙏🙏♥️

Thank you brother i see all the great work you’re doing in Ghana , it inspires me to do more

Thanks bro 😊♥️

am so happy to have a love fest, he he

Hehehe I know right @battleaxe 😂

Wow, this is really selfless. I really appreciate your effort and I believe others do too. You are really a hope to your community.
Thanks to @youarehope for supporting charity all over.
I have giving my tiny winy upvote and resteemed.

Thank you so much

Having a pure heart gives you the grace to help the needy.....Glad i could help.....Together we stand..........The more help we render.....Good Job @aydayodeji......looking forward to the next project.

Thank you sis for everything and for helping out, God bless you real good

Wow, this is amazing! Truly gives me hope for humanity :) upvoted and resteemed!

Thank you so much

This is really good work and you are sure a hero!

service to humanity is the best work of life!

Thank you so much , we are all heroes

OMG BRO!! you left me speechless!
So much respect for you <3
you and the community literally prevented the death of many childrens of your town. God bless that <3

I hope this is just the first step for many bigger things bro! keep going you will do great things!!

Thank you so much, bigger things bro. It’s a challenge to do greater and bigger things and not to bask in the praises.

This is such a DAMN FINE post and an awesome community work. Deepest respect from Thailand, where we understand mosquitoes, malaria and Dengue only too well.

Malaria is a thing in Thailand? Thanks for reading

Wow good job man! I'm here from @artemislives and upvote and resteemed, sending all our love from here. Keep serving the community man, nothing is higher. Bless you 👍

Hi @aydayodeji, I just stopped back to let you know your post was one of my favourite reads and I included it in my Steemit Ramble. You can read what I wrote about your post here.

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Oh thank you so much, will check it right away

Beautiful!! The Human Spirit of Love in action! 🙏

It's indeed a crackerjack project, you worked so hard to achieve this and I am happy to be a part of this great thing. Thumbs up!!!

Thank you for helping out, will forever appreciate

wow man you did amazing! great work!!

Thank you so much

We are supporting you brother! You may even be a ble to fix your phone from the comment upvotes alone!!
Keep up the good work!
Peace -@em3

I appreciate the love

LOVE IT! Keep up the amazing work. You're surely helping your community and inspiring others world-wide! @sircork @youarehope too!

My cousin's Husband is from Nigeria. I'll have to ask him exactly where in Nigeria he is from. Where abouts are you?

Thank you for kind words, I’m from lagos and live in lagos too

Hmmm, how can a man has this mind of selfless to humanity? It takes a heart of determination to do all this you have done. Buddy well done i am indeed challenged.

Thank you so much for the kind words

Massive respect for you @aydayodeji. I really appreciate your effort may God Almighty renew your strength. Special shout out to @sircork you are a great leader... Thank you for your show of love all over the world, thank you for being there for the less previledged

Amen, thank you for the prayers. Really do appreciate

Weldone bro. Lets keep up with the hard work. We will get there someday

It is very heart warming to read post and realize that people like you, those who care enough to do something to alleviate the situation, is still out there and making a change. It is nice to know also that there are those that support your good cause. May GOD Bless all of you.

amazing!!! <3 post im really touch

It goes beyond been touch, it’s a call for us to do our own part in helping others.

exactly! im very glad to see this post and you are a hero for me. awesome, grettings from caracas, venezuela. im an YAH agent too here, and with my aid foundation @heroesanonimos, we try to help others here. i upvoted and reestem this posts for help and spread the word in my latinamerican friends and i send you some for help in your cause for medic drugs and the mosquito nets. bleesings to you bro :)

:) keep going to this amazing work

God bless you guys!!! <3

Sorry about your phone :/
Keep fighting the good fight though, love seeing things like this come to fruition. Not an easy task to stay the course.

Thank you so much , really do appreciate the comment

This is what this project is really about.

And people like you make it possible.

Voted, followed and resteemed.

Thank you for this, thank you for everything.

Thank you, just doing my part. We should all do ours too too no matter how small

Boss, I hail o. I'm in Nigeria, and I've never really thought of doing something like this, although I just volunteered to fight against cancer and help cancer patients in Lagos. Well-done, I'm happy we still have people like you to make the world a better place. I just followed you, well-done!

Thank you so much for the kind words, volunteering is a huge step in helping and saving cancer patients. Keep up the good work

here from the discord

The world needs more people like you! Thank you!

What wonderful work. It is truly glorious and inspiring to see people who are able to put themselves to the often thankless job of serving their community and society selflessly.

Thanks to Steemit, at least your reward is not just in heaven 😅

Thank you for your kind words

Good work @ayodeji, may I know which part of Nigeria is this? people like you are taking the courage to ensure we live in a better society. Thank you for the selfless service

oh..great. kudos to you and your team

Dude. My brain is melted from this. You're a boss.

Thank you so much for the kind words, you’re a boss too

Also please keep us updated! My little vote doesn't do much, but I'll even upvote comments for something as important as this. Not. One. More. Child.

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Thank you!

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