am I that guy?

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since I'm watching lots of videos during my day, I've decided give YouTube some feedback, maybe they listen and make life a little bit easier for me.
I got to writing and halfway I noticed it's a page of text, now I'm wondering if I'm that guy whom complains about everything?
In any case, I've decided to share it on my blog, maybe those tips can help our enhance the user experience in some way and gain more momentum.

Dear YouTube.
as somebody whom spend everyday watching videos, I want to suggest few small features that can enhance the viewer's experience immensely. all of them are related to the videos suggested by the algorithm.

usually the reasons I want a video removed from my feed are:
1- I've already watched it
at the moment it takes five clicks and navigating two menus to tell the algorithm I've already seen this video and I I'm not interested to watch it again.
it can be done with one click if you ad an icon to the corner of the thumbnail like watch it later. or two click if you add "seen it" to the menu.

2- it's in a language I understand and the topic is not interesting enough to read subtitles for it.
I often listen to the videos while working, there's only a very limited number of languages I'm interested to learn and listening to a video in other languages is often pointless.
it doesn't mean I don't want to see videos from other languages in my feed, but when I click a long, narration heavy video, the most likely case is: I want to learn something from it. a language tag somewhere would help me avoid clicking videos that would disappoint me immediately. and I'm sure the algorithm is interested in the reason why I closed a video without watching it.

3- the topic is not interesting to me.
I get the occasional makeup, children shows, pet videos, vlogs, 10 hour music and lots of clickbaits that I'm not interested in, it would be better if I could tell the algorithm that it's specifically the topic that I'm not interested in so it can filter out those. "I don't like this video" is too vague and too harsh for them.

4- I don't like the creator.
I get lots of stolen TV shows and copyrighted videos in my feed that where altered to avoid detection. I'm not against watching free stuff, but I prefer seeing them from a legit channel and with good quality (by quality I mean not cropped and without noisy sound, not HD) but often after watching a good vide from some artist, my feed those shady channels fill my feed, spending five clicks on every one of them is not feasible, I'm willing to spend two max.
the main problem is, I have to watch a little of it before I find out it's a crappy channel and in the middle of video there's no option to remove the video from my feed, I suggest a "block / ignore this channel" option under the video.

it would be nice to see all of those options available under the video, for the times I'm watching the videos on autoplay mode.


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