I am Active on YouTube!

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With nothing to do due to ECQ, many people are all online. Social media is already full and since physical social gathering is not allowed at this point, going virtual is already our brand new "Normal".

So, one of the things that I have been into these days for the past two months is being active on YouTube. I have earned friends and earned subscribers too. Around three days ago, I was able to reach a thousand subscribers.

Because of that milestone, I celebrated it and had also given free Philippine load to my subscribers! I am always going live on YouTube every weekend, usually Saturdays at 2 PM Manila Time.

If you are on YouTube, you may want to also connect! Here's one of my live sessions last weekend in celebration to the 1k subscribers:

I post calligraphy, art, digital lettering, journaling, travel, and tutorials on my YouTube channel. So do connect with me and comment on my videos so I can check your channel as well!

See you on the web!



Awesome. You can monetize now. I’m on YouTube too...I will go subscribe .... https://Youtube.com/c/OffgridTV

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