The key of wealth from YouTube is exposed!

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Many people have a lot of free time in their day, and most don’t know how to spend it. You can find people who start browsing social media, others who find themselves a book to read, and some people spend hours and hours just watching YouTube.

One of the most interesting things to watch on YouTube is the top 5 or top10 videos. These videos usually have a lot of information, facts, tips, or even funny videos. But have you ever asked yourself? Who made those videos especially the ones you saw randomly.

Today I have a great YouTube tip on “how to make money on youtube” that is going to make you rich very easily. But first, let’s talk a little bit about YouTube.

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About YouTube

YouTube is a platform where billions of videos are shared on. Joining YouTube means you either a content creator or a viewer. Viewers are the people who go to YouTube to search for videos. YouTube recommends many videos for you on its home page. Also, you can get the latest of the videos for a specific channel by subscribing to it. YouTube channels are made by the content creators who make videos and publish them on YouTube. And here, in this blog, I will mainly talk about the content creators.

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Content creators
People who make and publish the videos on YouTube. Mostly, content creators make videos to help other people in different life situations, or the other main reason is to entertain the viewer while they make money out of it. The content creators money comes from the number of views on their videos and the watched minutes too. But have you ever think about how they are going to get those views on their videos?

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Must know
YouTube has some requirements for channels made by content creators to be eligible for making money, and those requirements are:

1-The channel must have at least 4000 watched hours in the last year
2-The channel must have at least 1000 subscribers
Well, there are various ways to make money on YouTube such as advertising for your own product so anyone interested in the viewers will buy, or through live streams on YouTube or the traditional way of putting advertisements inside your video and that what we are going to talk about today.

The secret tip!

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Getting traffic on YouTube for free isn’t easy, and many people have already stopped working on YouTube because of the traffic issue. Many content creators found their way to get traffic on YouTube through promoting their channels and paid advertisement. But isn’t there really any way to get free traffic on YouTube without having to promote your channel? The answer is no. In this blog, I’m going to introduce one efficient way to get to your traffic goal easily.

Top 5/10 videos

While watching YouTube you must have come across one of those top5/10 … videos, right? The secret thing that this kind of videos is getting on your main page on YouTube is the Top5/10 videos get easier traffic than others. Starting your YouTube channel with this type of videos and frequently sharing them will get your channel unexpected traffic even if your channel is still new.

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If you are going to start with the top5/10 videos never forget that you might not get a hit out of them even if you shared like 50 videos it just happens, and if you are feeling like your having some tough time editing videos you can use TikTok video editor and it is from the application itself so never hesitate to use and start now, also make sure that your information that you put in you top5/10 videos must be right so if your video got many views and started to be famous, your video will get likes, good comments and people subscribing to your channel looking forward to more of this type of videos and that will be your way to a better start in YouTube.

After giving you this tip. I hope you will go and test it by yourself then give me the results from your experience. As Ray Bradbury said:

“Life is trying things to see if they work.”