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RE: Does This Possibility Make You Uncomfortable? (Las Vegas)

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It seems nowadays everything is being called a false flag. The MSM coverage of this tragic event was shameful as everyone from the beginning gave it angles to benefit a point of view they were charged with spreading. Stories of multiple shooters emerged. The alternative media ( if there is such a thing) immediately started with conspiracy theories.
Right now it is impossible to trust any source and this uncertainty leads to fear among the population. There were 50 plus deaths of innocent people and it is a time of great mourning.
There was one more casualty: Journalism. While fox and CNN and Huffington post were busy making fun of each other, I tried to swim out of the smut and get some real info. Watched Alex Jones, AMTV, jsnp and some others on YouTube only to realize that I was farm animal looking through the window into the barn and could not tell pigs from humans.
Jsnp on YouTube linked his post to a liveleak video. That video was gruesome. It sickened me and nauseated me. I literally smelled fresh blood. I wish I never looked at that video.
I can't imagine the terrible loss and tragedy that has struck so many. The event is so tragic that I am having difficulty putting this into words.
I wish the media MSM and the alternative media had shown some respect to the fallen ones. If anyone has to promote a conspiracy theory, either bring forth absolute proof or just shut up. Don't point fingers. Don't capitalize on tragedy and don't push agendas. This only displaces people emotionally and divides them.


Because the media and government would never lie to us, or act as if they really care about human lives. Time to wake up, as their faux concern for humanity is obvious to anyone who wants to see. Their narrative around the entire Syrian war is based on lies. See for yourself:

White Helmest Front_142.jpg

The terrorists in the above images have killed tens of thousands of people while the entire MSM has covered it up and promoted the terrorists. Hollywood even gave them an Oscar Academy Award in order to attempt to boost their credibility. They are right now being nominated and considered for a Nobel Peace prize. Down is up and up is down. Wake up to the reality of your government lying to you. They have been doing so for a very long time. They trust that you and others with continue with the same cognitive dissonance they continue their agenda. If they really cared about stopping terrorism do you really think they would be secretly promoting the terrorists?

The photo of the shooter has bullet castings spread around him with out any blood on them. It's like they want to see how sloppy they can be before anyone questions their agenda. People such as yourself are the reason why our country is divided. The people not directing their anger at the government by this point are delusional. I hate the word conspiracy. Confederacy is a synonym
for conspiracy. The Federal Government will do what ever it takes to make people separate. If you are blindly going to fall for this shit, then you should realize you're already dead.

People like ME?

People who think the Government loves them.

Ahhh!. Don't know of any.

I'm sorry, I was drunk and angry last night. I think you're on the same side as me.