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Looks like YouTube's manipulation finally comes back to haunt them. Somehow I missed both Joerg's videos, one in English and the other in German, in my feed after years of being subbed to his channel. Geez, I wonder how that happened :/

Please share this video. All relevant information and links can be found in the video description.

Do I have a specific grudge against YouTube? Well no, however, when a video stolen from my YT channel gets 1400 views per week on FB, while my original sits there at 700 views total in 6 or 7 months, one has to wonder about manipulation on both platforms. They can't argue quality, after all, the video was good enough to steal and my audio recording was good enough to be used for a live CD by a German studio. Since views, likes and subs are used to determine whether or not your channel can be monetized or not, I'd like to be credited the views taken from me by Facebook.

Under Dutch law I can't reveal the name of the Facebook poster who incidentally lives and works about an hours drive from me, and who blocked me on FB so I can't see if my video is still there unless I ask a friend to check, I can show the CD cover crediting me for the work which you can see in this post from about 9 months ago.

If you are YT content creator whose work was in any way suppressed or manipulated, and you live in Europe, please consider joining Fairtube.


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