Unboxing 1.000.00 Subscribers Plaque for Angelo!

in #youtube3 years ago

Angelo @theywillkillyou, this one is for you obviously!!!! We have had a great run and I am grateful and happy that we decided to join forces when we did. We have been working closely together on various enterprises for around 3 years now and have never had any kind of serious argument (knock on wood). Hopefully we have many years to come! World5list is not too far off the million, so pretty soon we'll have 2 of these hopefully!

There is a reason I am posting this on Dtube of course, it has much more of a personal touch than YouTube and we have met a lot of great people here who will hopefully get a kick out of this as well! You couldn't be here for the unboxing, but hopefully this makes up for it a little bit. The plaque is really nice too! X

▶️ DTube

That is a huge milestone, congratulations to both of you! This means that you have more subscribers on Youtube now than the Steem blockchain has accounts at the moment! I can already see the number of Steemit accounts going to the moon once you publish videos like "5 YouTubers who have abandoned Youtube for THIS new platform!" or "Zuckerberg shocked: Thousands leave Facebook for THIS new social network" :D

Thanks for posting @world5list - and congratulations Angelo - an incredible milestone @theywillkillyou

Congrats to both of you! hope there are many more unboxing videos, very enjoyable to watch, especially the frustration when it takes longer then Rene hoped for.


Wonderful post ..Best of luck friend ✫

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