Steemit Sunday #3 - Nice Things Done By 11 Evil Dictators

in #youtube3 years ago (edited)

Hey everyone, welcome back to Steemit Sunday. Today is the third episode already. I almost didn't get it out because I am so busy running around in Thailand with Angelo @theywillkillyou. We went on a little trip to Pai and Chiang Mai. An awesome break from the hustle and bustle in Bangkok.

Tomorrow will be my last day here and then it's back to Amsterdam. We have to get a lot done still so I'll be keeping it short today. Hopefully you will enjoy the video and needless to say, I am well aware that these guys are all VERY, VERY evil. I just thought it would be an interesting angle to take for this video!

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and spending a lot of time on Steemit during their days off from work ;)

Oh and before I forget, you can check out the link to the trailer in which I try to direct our audience from YouTube to Dtube here:

▶️ DTube

well its surprising to see dictators doing such thungs ...tells you they had a heart somewhere too

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