The Celebrity 27 Club - A Closer Look at a Bizarre Phenomenon!

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Hey everyone. Welcome to the second edition of Steemit Sunday. In this episode, we are taking a closer look at the mythical 27 club. As always, I am posting a trailer on my YouTube channel with well over 800.000 subscribers but I am only putting the full video here on D.Tube, trying to drive over YouTube viewers in the process. You can check out the Youtube trailer here in case you are not familiar with the project yet:

Next week I will be shooting a fresh trailer for YouTube with Angelo @theywillkillyou. I am considering talking briefly to my YouTube viewers about the earnings from curation rewards for DTube viewers on the first 2 videos, hopefully trying to "lure" in a few more YouTube subscribers (for their own good of course, as WE all know)!

My production team and I will be working on getting ahead with our videos in the next few weeks so that soon I can be pre-releasing every video on D.Tube at least 1 week before it gets published on YouTube. It might take us a while but the plan has been put in motion!

Hopefully you'll enjoy this video, I know I am happy that I get to talk about topics again that I know would have no chance getting monetized on YouTube these days!

P.S. Any topics in particular you would like to see for episode 3?!

▶️ DTube

I appreciate how you are only posting the full video on DTube and are playing pied piper to to the YouTube crowd. Upvoted and followed you today.

Good effort

wow i will wait next vidio hopefully can make people who watch it satisfied

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