Yusra, one stop shop token on the Waves Chain

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Lately, there are a lot of cryptocurrencies in the market and many of them are based on the theory in the blockchain. Yusra, however, is based on the waves chain and it is a one-stop-shop blockchain platform. Let me explain what I mean. Yusra global blockchain Includes various products such as a Marketplace, a voting platform, a research area and many others sufficient to make the system unique with no competitors. Many ICOs and their blockchain platforms tend to go down because they are not unique, or they are not sufficiently complementary to other, traditional platforms. Yusra has the potential to complement online markets and its various features form a complete platform, good enough to be used by large crowds.

The marketplace is a blockchain decentralized platform and it will allow anyone to sell their stuff online and buyers will be able to get good bargains, based on whatever the sellers are putting on the market. Any buyer or seller will have to register, but they can stay anonymous, as the exchanges will happen using the Yusra token. The main benefit of this Marketplace is to provide volume to Yusra cryptocurrency. After all, volume and liquidity is the problem of many cryptocurrencies these days and having its own marketplace will be very useful for Yusra for that aspect.
Another feature of the Yusra platform will be Yusra Vote, which is the major purpose of this platform. Decentralized, on the chain voting is very important because it provides a ledger that cannot be hacked, manipulated, stolen or changed. This has the utmost importance in voting records because they can not only change the leader of a country but can also change the regime in a country. Referendums are carried out using votes and keeping the records straight and clean is the only way, where blockchain is the best candidate or technology. Although this system is not planned to be used in political voting, using Yusra to develop and improve the platform is a very intelligent way to get excellent acceleration. The voting platform will work in tandem with the payment system, and it will optimize everything in the system, including, but not excluded to, operation, moderation, and improvement of the platform’s network. It will also help collect ideas from the community, and any community providing feedback to a platform is happy, as long as their ideas are heard by the team.
Yusra Portfolio is another feature of the platform and this area is set for research. Users will be able to keep their crypto portfolio in one place and hold on to their assets whether it is bitcoin, litecoin, waves, or any other crypto. Diversifying is important and you never know which coin may gain value in the future. Having the Yusra wallet could be another point of attraction for users of the platform.
The Yusra platform will use Proof of Stake (POS), which is interesting because the Ethereum blockchain has started out as a Proof of Work (POW) blockchain and they have been trying to move to the POS space, which is superior and good for the environment. The platform will also deliver dividends, which is another incentive to join in on the action!

Coin Name: YUSRA
Ticker: YUSRA
Total supply: 40,000,000 YUSRA
Platform: Waves
Website: https://yusra.global/
Wallet: http://app.yusra.global
Twitter: https://twitter.com/YusraGlobal
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yusra.global.invest
VK: https://vk.com/yusraglobal
OK: https://www.ok.ru/yusra.global
Medium: https://medium.com/@YusraGlobal
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