ZapFic Writing Contest Entry for Week 94: Penniless Chad

in #zapfic2 years ago

ZapFic is a very short story written in 240 characters or less using the weekly prompt provided by the creator, To find out more about this fun writing contest, please read here.

This is my entry for the ZapFic Writing Contest for Week 94 using the prompt: depressed.


Penniless Chad

Chad was severely depressed. He got through each day by finding pennies on the ground and giving them to others. Their smiles made him smile.

Penniless Chad was found dead with a note that read, "No pennies to give, no reason to live."

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I would have loaned him some....😒

Aw, if only he knew that. : )

I hope he wasn't a hanging Chad! (sorry, couldn't resist)

You are not going to believe this...I was going to write about the hanging Chad but this came out better, even though this one is not very good. Hanging Chad was much worse but I did keep the name.

Hahaha, of course you were!

Greetings and felicitations my dear partner and I hope today finds you well and migraineless.
I'm on top and it looks like we have our work cut out for us this week. See you at teatime:)

Hi Hun! I am migraineless and ready with bells on. Busy days at the house never stops you and your dust. See ya there. : )

Howdy Butterfly! Are you trying to depress us? lol. That was great. How you doin? No more headaches since that bad one right? And no more snow right?

HaHa! I see what you did there. I was depressed when I wrote it. I am happy to tell you that I haven't had any more migraines or snow either! Yahoooooo!

That's great to hear and that makes my day Butterfly! I'll celebrate by letting the next bug I! lol.

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