Interesting Fact: EOS collected 3 Million Ethereum in 210 ICO rounds

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Since the beginning of EOS ICO - Block One has collected 3 Million Ethereum in 210 funding rounds.

In other words: Block.One is holding more than 3% of total ETH supply (97 million ETH).

Now Imagine ETH moves to POS (Proof of Stake), Block.One could have been one of the biggest beneficiary :)

At today's price of $1000 per ETH, Block.One's total collection is USD 3 Billion.

Massive ICO.

EOS is killing ETH, by collecting ETH



interesting scenario. Also there is a possibility / discussion of Eth moving to POS ?

Ya, right now ETH is running in a hybrid version of POW and POS, in near future they are moving completely to POS... Ethereum 2.0 is to be watched out for...

You're assumptions are completely incorrect. EOS has publically stated that they sell the ETH they collect for USD on a daily basis.

I will believe it when I see it... Cus my assumption is, Block.One wants to be completely away from government control, using USD for purchases defeats the entire purpose...

Well I trust Block.One and its team, I am sure they are not going to dump ETH or run away with it... 50% of my portfolio is EOS

Facts are just right - BlockOne has collected 3 million ETH till now... what have they done with it.. Who knows :)

I know because I asked @Sandwich on the EOS Telegram channel. He is the main admin of the channel and also a employee. He says that sells all the Eth they collect from the crowdsale OTC on a daily basis. Basically they sell it in large chunks to hedge funds or other large investors to avoid dumping it on an exchange and crashing the market.

Thanks you... thats a useful information to know... :)

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