Jzsarkar ZAP - 20180414t114931636z

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I was going beside a garden with my DSLR.
I wished to take a pic of a flower.
I got that.
Its amazing.

Yes or not?
Give a description about this flower.
Lets see who's description become the best one.
Best of luck guys


A great flower posts friends

I invite you to upvote and following :D

wow....i like your post....keep it up

tnqq bro you are a legend i know

its...ok always stay with me..

photography many peoples is habit... it was really nice photography
... thank you for share your best picture...

welcome bro i try my best in photography. may be for that i can do this

I used to smoke that flower. It is "iceplant" flower i believe. Try drying the roots smoke some, it is amazi g :D

yeah its really amazing thanks

nice picture brother..to be continue

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hmm 1 paiche. aro 1sbd. oitar taka ferot de unare

killay? r parmu nh vai
amar id ekjon niye kam gula korse

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