GOOGLE knows it better...

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If you don't know something - ask Google. It knows all better...even before your question is complete :)


@onealfa about 10 years ago Google was the best thing to use to find things. Recently its starting to get worst in the fact they are adding more and more ways to take their own profit, and the same for youtube videos, they bother with tons of promo videos all the time.

Thanks for sharing this new feature about google, that is definitely wrong. But it is saying what the mainstream media publishes. We need to make google say what people say, not what governments say. Or if not create the truly decentralized search engine. upvoted. @gold84

By the way, did you have the chance to review the latest post about creating a "Mentions Tab". I mentioned you there. Looking forward to your thoughts. Here is the post I thought you would be interested to take a look:

Fully agree with your notes regarding google @gold84.
I have "Mentiones" from my browsers extension, but honestly I still have not built my habit to check it often. Thanks for pointing me to it - I will read your post and comment later. In the meantime only my upvote and resteem.

@onealfa I really appreciate your continuous support. And we are on the same thoughts from Google. I believe the giants of technology will start to go down once some crypto's start to go mainstream. upvoted your comment. Thanks for your upvote and reesteem. @gold84

@onealfa - Yes Sir.... Google knows everything.... Nice post of it Sir.... <3
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In Hungary it is 5:5

Congratulations for living in a country of optimists :)

Thanks😉 Maybe You are correct!😜 I was in my bank of my little home village yesterday, complaining that with my credit card I can not buy bitcoin at Coinbase. The biggest bank in Hungary is not supporting the 3-D Secure! And by surprise the bank officer told me I was not their first lamenting customer on this issue.😊

Bitcoin will always rise

nope ...this answer is not in top10 😄

jajajajajaja, well google might makes a strong friendship with govt and bankers because he is telling us the exact same words which a govt and bankers are thinking now, upvoted and resteemed.

Google is the best solution for tu use.. Ahahaha lol..
cool answer @onealfa

I wish it don’t fall ...

That is just search results you got... It is showing your inner fears :) You should wisit specialist and talk about that...

Google is best 1

Seems like Google is a bit skeptic about Bitcoin. LOL

bitcoin will rise always, and Google is the best search engine

This is great post


hahah just google things :D

no good future for it indeed :D

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now google has very consistent with their inconsistent predictions.Just like local weather department in India.

Expert: a man who makes three correct guesses consecutively.