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Health starts with habits. If your health is not what you would like it to be, start looking at your eating habits. Change one small habit at a time - eliminate sodas, cut sweets, increase vegetables, eat mindfully.


One habit at a time. Sweetened drinks were first. Drank a lot of water. Next is cutting certain things out of the diet. It started at no more fast foods, and making more home cooked meals. From there it's where you would like to go.

@vishera congratulations on changing those habits!

I know those sweetened drinks and fast food are tough ones to give up.

Thanks for the comment!
In Peace, Love, and Health

I agree! My journey started with eliminating soft drinks (soda) and I had lost 5kg in one month (also by drinking more water and being hydrated)! Veganism came later and helped me introduce veggies and more fruit into my diet and now i'm much healthier :3

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I think steem is broken, I don't see any new posts?

😜well something's broken for sure.