First Shirt From LargeSeafaringMammal

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Welcome back Crypto Nation,

Limited Edition Wallace the Whale shirt. Only available during Initial Shirt Offering. Get it ISO... Its brilliant.
To receive POWhale Token add you EOS Public Key during checkout.

Silver Crypto



wow,my dear good friend. @thetruth36 this shirt design very excellent. its looks very attractive and shirt body this cartoon very funny dear.. LargeSeafaringMammal,all the best for your great project..i hope that,your good thought work project very success being very soon of ur future.but i am comment your before post.because you not seen my sms.yesterday i am not work properly for my own family,i am not seen ur before doing my every comment answer.but some days ago i am not seen your sms apply.its just seen sms box but when i am going for seen sms reply its nots seeing. i am really very unlucky for this timw.because i am not reply of your comment reply for my i am seen your sms reply then doing reply your sms? thanks to sharing for your great post.. ery well done.. my dear friend.. @thetruth36 you support my work and doing encourage of your great talented word sms..its obviously your big minded wishes for you always. take care yourself dear.. see you again..

Wooww is very beautiful I love it, regards.

Very good intelligence post ..
my dear @thetruth36 ..thanks for this post .so resteem and upvote..

Hi dear Super shirt and what's close to the shirt is a decoration? a sheet? Enjoy the shirt, ¡congratulations!..and thanks for this post ..D:)i just res-teem and upvote

Beautiful .
Have a good day 👍


nice look nice shirt

Shirt is looking great. Thanks for the info @thetruth36

Very nice and funny whale shirt, good job brother @thetruth36

Very well post dear @thetruth36 ..i like your all post ..really your all post great..thanks for share .. This post has been #Resteem and #Upvote..

Really a great shirt sir @thetruth.
Please give me a photo wear thia shirt.
Thanka for sharing sir.
Best regards feom sujonxr.

@thetruth36 it's a good taste done..lovely update

how money price your first shirt ?

Wow, it seems a wonderful stuff specially for all the Dolphins of the platform. Please wear one after the other and take the pictures to share with all of us Truthy <3
PS: Inst it a nice nick ?

God that pretty is very beautiful, very good taste.
I like this . And I'm interested in using it

That is an exclusive piece of garment.
Nice one.
Keep steeming

Super shirt and what's close to the shirt is a decoration? a sheet? Enjoy the shirt, ¡congratulations!

Very useful articles sar

Why do you decline payments? @paidtrainingcoach

LargeSeafaringMammal, That shirt is magnificent, decrees the future of all of us... hahaha Greetings friend, excellent investment.

The design is quite funny and the black version is spectacular! It also looks very good quality! A lot of success with this project.

god that pretty, very good taste .. I would like one I love, it would be like a good luck charm .. success God continue to fill it with wisdom .. blessings

@manueljcb-85 Cant wait to wear it. Thank you for the comment.

Brilliant acquisition... Enjoy it, it's great.

@anasuleidy Will do thanks for the comment!

have you attested your steem account to byteball airdrops...???? if you don't the $80 is awaiting for you...........

please if you are attesting your id,,, then offer me to refference your id,,,, so that i can get some profit,,,,,,,,,,,,

Exclusive garment, feel happy and among the lucky ones. Blessings!

@elider11 I think so it was almost 50 bucks with shipping!

Wow not cheap, $30 for the shirt and $20 for shipping. Shirt may be worthwhile, but shipping steep. Is that normal in the US and Canada?

Exclusive garment,
Feel happy and among the
Lucky ones. Blessings!

                 - elider11

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Congratulations your dream has taken another step for success. With time you will grow and get big .

Good post @thetruth36

Good post and cool best friends

Very good jop my friends. And good luck @thetruth36

@zilong01 The job is all mine! Have a great day

nice post my brother @thetruth36

how the way it is

Very well post dear @thetruth36 .

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