Zappl IOS Beta Teaser 3

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Zappl IOS Beta Teaser 3

Please Resteem and Share with everyone you can.

Big news coming soon!

Those of you who might be interested zappl is allowing people to invest in Zappl inc. If you're interested please check out the link below.

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I made it into the thumbnail there! :)

That you did!

Great project always supporting ZAPPL project:)

Well thanks for the support!

I really like the idea of having a twitter like steemit app. But while I am watching the teaser about the IOS app, I need to say it is too much bloated with information. It should be much more cleaner UI/UX. Is the whole project open-source? Is Steem-Connect working ?

This is going to be huge! Exactly what Steem needs right now, a platform for short content that will be competing with more different social medias (Twitter)

Zappl teaser is awesome.. waiting for the grand launch...


Looking good, can't wait to test it out :)

Glad to hear it.

resteemed! Really excited about this. Can't wait

Please bring it to android also! Eagerly waiting for this!!

There will be android as well that video will likely be showing up tomorrow.

Thank you! Can't wait to try it out!

Glad you'll try it out! :)

Ah, man I can't wait!

Like wise!

Awesome project! We need more decentralized apps like this. Good job! :)

Sure do!

I can see it's like twitter alternative? If so, then I will definitely switch on Zappl.

Yes it is

I don't have an iphone thingy but will resteem for my followers that do.

Good thing we will also have an android app as well.

good update i am waiting for it @zappl

Will look forward to test it, should be good , has even same letters as my nickname :)

I'm gonna resteem this so hard.

Oh yeah!

Nice! i cant wait to see Zappl become the snapchat of steem blockchain! lots of millennials making gettin paid !

Looking forward for the android app

There should be an update video for android tomorrow.

cant wait

nice tease

virtualtoken Virtual Growth tweeted @ 30 Aug 2017 - 18:34 UTC

Zappl IOS Beta Teaser 3 — Steemit… /


virtualtoken Virtual Growth tweeted @ 30 Aug 2017 - 18:34 UTC

Zappl IOS Beta Teaser 3 — @Steemit… /

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Hope it will be a truely success!!!

Oh man I wish there will be the moment when nobody knows Twitter anymore, but Zappl :-D

"Can you remember Twitter?"
"Oh laughs I am to young for, but heard it was social-media-alpha... like Facebook and Youtube, was it called Youtube? Whatever.... who cares!"

Am suprised. been waiting too long, thanks so much

When it will launch? Awaiting dude, I am awaiting to join it! Thanks for sharing such great teaser with us!


amigo #resteemia at your service

'Big news coming soon' it's coming yes it's coming. nice info @zappl

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@zappl - Oh Sire, zappl is coming soon. Love that news Sire. Therefore, I wish to ReSteem your post Sire.

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Zapple project is awesome, I can't wait. Great future ahead.
Thanks for sharing

Great project always supporting ZAPPL project.Thanks you.

interface looks great from the teaser and i just can't wait !

I'm just waiting for the application :(

big news what is that :D

When will zappl releze?

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Amazing project!

most of the people are waiting for android....

Excited waiting for android version!

I'm really happy to see such a great info. First dTube, now Zappl! I can see bright future. Good job! :)