Zappl Open Beta Postponed Till Sept 29th - OCT 2nd

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Zappl Open Beta Postponed Till Sept 29th - OCT 2nd:

Zappl is forced to make a delay do to third parties like escrows and there being a mix up with the exchange Kraken. As for more information on these delays we have let the Dex coin holders and investors know.

A small bit of information:

Being an American company as of late for a business it has become really hostile when it comes to relaying on exchanges. After Zappl announced it would be doing an investment run for shares in zappl.


Coinbase account which we used for years all of a sudden locked our limits and has refused to answer any question and gave the basic . Your ticket has been escalated well turns out this problem has been happening to hundreds of people if not thousands from what Ive checked on Reddit.


So we decided to with Kraken and well there was a mix up and some operation cost money has been tied up. We can launch without the funds just fine but for stability reasons it would be very irresponsible to assume the issues will be corrected on time.

What will happen now?

As it stands the alpha will still keep running and it will keep being updated. Everyone at Zappl feels, This app needs to start right if we launch and have any issues that's way worse then delaying over 3rd party issues Zappl has occurred.

Zappl could launch today with no issues everything is basically ready to go, there is some changes with the site being made but other than that Zappl is ready.


If anyone has any questions do feel free to ask below we are always here to answer your questions. Once Again we are sorry for this delay and can't wait for launch. We will make another post when we will launch it likely won't be on the weekend.

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Why do you need an escrow? I assumed your business model is just to take a share of the steem made from users?

An escrow for an acquisition that is being made. The escrow has nothing to do with how the site earns it funds.

Ok gotcha - thanks :)

Ready when you are! Let's do this!!!

patience is the right approach

Good to hear Zappl is locked and loaded ready to go, sorry to hear about the hiccups. Can't wait to see it!

@zappl - Sir bad news again :( hope to hear a good news soon Sir. <3 :*

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Ohh Fish... more wait... no worries, i know you will come out well...

Post of the day.i love you blog.Great topic for a new competition, I really like it. Upvote

Bad news again and again... hope we will not hear this news again!


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amigo #resteemia at your service

need a good news. heard enough bad news ;) @zappl

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i now even think twice to comment here or to say anything because of these delays the comment now too getting flagged don't know whats wrong with that

How can one join the alpha/beta testing? This project is promising and would love to get involved!

I didn't understand. Why would any one do that?? I am telling many peoples about @zappl . What should I tell them if they ask any questions about this problem???

That due to third party delays we are having issues launching.

We will wait for the perfect launch.

A tough decision, I would imagine.

Well yeah since the project is ready to go and 3rd parties are making things difficult. Not the way we wanted to start out the project but its best this happened before launch then at launch.