Bitcoin is the original concept and application of blockchain technology

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Haven't you read the research report? Bitcoin prices was report that it will made a correction from it all time high of 40k to 30k? . the bitcoin dorminance is very much on the market compare to altcoin. although some person still assume bitcoin is a scam. What is your opinion


learn about trading about cryptocurrency via the zb exchange , there alot of tutorial about the blockchain you can learn on the website.

Many people think that digital currency is just a string of codes. Why is it considered currency? However, whether it is currency or not depends on the law and people's ideas. In the case of Bitcoin, the U.S. Federal Court on the 24th legally recognized Bitcoin as currency. Bitcoin has broken 40,000, and the leading exchange is now reporting $30,223 due correction. Bitcoin investment is of great value.

Don't be too credulous, don't be too hotheaded. You can read more research reports and white papers to master some Bitcoin knowledge.

How could Bitcoin be a scam? Bitcoin is the first digital currency to successfully apply the blockchain, and it is of great investment value. Bitcoin is an encrypted currency based on decentralization, adopting a peer-to-peer network and consensus initiative, open source code, and using blockchain as the underlying technology. Bitcoin still has great value. These are all known through the research report.

Many friends around me invest in Bitcoin at I just came to the currency circle, and I don't dare to invest in Bitcoin. Bitcoin is really valuable, isn't it a scam?

If Bitcoin were a scam, there would not be so many people buying it. You see how good Bitcoin is now.

l thought it is only binance that have blockchain acedemy, never knew exchange has one . I will give it a trial to look at what they got.

l can see some person here thinking blockchain is scam. have ever ask your self why the people republic of china is developing their own digital curreny. just take a look at market research of

This real a good news , so cover all these event going on the blockchain industry , i will check out their previous article .

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