How about the exchanges tokens of ZB?

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There are lot of exchange tokens that can be traded. Some have low liquidity and may not bring profit for long term investment. But looking at ZB token which is the exchange token for exchange, what will you say about the token, does it make sense to trade or hold it?


According to the financial portal website, the recall of ZB points in the fourth quarter of 2020 has been completed. has recalled a total of 25.95 million ZB through transaction fees and other methods, and has burned nearly 1.5 billion ZB in total, which is a tightening. Generally, currencies that have contraction have more potential to rise. I will continue to pay attention to the number of burned platform coins in the future.

ZB is a native token of the exchange, is a leading global trading platform, and its cryptographic development and future prospects are still very good.

The value of exchange tokens is actually directly related to the platform itself. If the platform develops well, its token price will also be high. Since was founded seven years ago, there has never been a unsafe incident. It has done a good job in risk management for various crypto asset listed on the platform. Therefore, ZB exchange tokens still have great value overall.

ZB currency has always been the top 10 platform currency. Binance, Huobi and other platform currencies have basically been sideways. It is difficult to have upside. But is different. has been very serious in completing the recall and destruction work to promote austerity. has gained the trust of a large number of users through quarterly destruction and regular currency repurchase fees. ZB still has great potential for growth both on the short and long term has indeed been serious about ZB recall and destruction. According to the financial portal website: has recalled 25,946,902 ZB through transaction fees and other methods, and the recalled ZB points will be destroyed within two working days. After this destruction, has destroyed a total of 1,495552992 million ZB points. Although platform currency is not like equity, there is no mandatory requirement for how much it must be destroyed. Players should trust a platform that can do this with high level of transparency.

Whether exchange tokens are good or not worth investing depends on the expected rate of return. At present, ZB's return on investment is good. But will it always be good? Depends on how the platform works and updating their users on regular basis.

Investing in platform coins must go to large platforms as top priority such as Huobi, Binance, and Such exchanges will not run the risk of running away and have a high safety factor.

Compared with the great uncertainty of mainstream currencies, mainstream exchange tokens like ZB are indeed more stable for ordinary users.

ZB as crypto asset has great potential and is worth trading. exchange have the ability to provide full-cycle services for digital assets from birth to maturity, thereby expanding the participating groups of assets and reducing the circulation ratio. In this way, crypto enthusiasts can enjoy more convenient and safer high-interest crypto currency management benefits.

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