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Tron’s price been going a turble of price for the past one week. this turbulence started after climbing above its resistance at $0.03, tron has been know as the "Ethereum rival" due to improvement in blockchain technology which struggled to maintain upward momentum.

Tron tumbled by 27.55% ever since it breaks its resistance hurdle. although the last couple of sessions saw the crypto’s price move upwards once again after xrp make rebounce which has some effect on crypto majors cap like tron, something that indicated that a reversal could be on the cards. If the price did rise, resistance at $0.027 could be retest for a probable target

The Bollinger Bands expanded further over the last 24 hours and showed increasing volatility for TRX. Although the indicator showed signs of bearishness, a bullish bounce could take place as the prices were trading on the lower band.

The Relative Strength Index saw upward momentum after trading in the oversold zone, suggesting that buyers could regain control of the market.


TRX is currently trading @ $0.026 which is not too bad comparing it with the current market situation. It's rival ETH is currently struggling to hold tight at $600 and above. I see TRX coming back stronger in the next couple of weeks.

TRX will surely bounce back. I think it is following ETH track. We may see another pump @ $0.05 soon.

We share the same view. I have just checked the record on, the future is bright. Justin Sun is really pushing his projects forward.

yes looking at trading platform we saw some positive spike , let see if we can get some correction

That's true,the zb exchange helps in providing enough chart for you to be able to follow your own assets

We are all aware of the season we are at right now,and I strongly believe the bounce back will do well for the crypto community cheers

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