Sort:'s QETH is worth the investment. Because it has many advantages. 0.1 ETH can participate, users do not need to bear technical costs, the nodes are maintained by the platform, and the income is issued according to 2.0.'s QETH is very advantageous.'s QETH has a low threshold. 0.1 ETH can participate, suitable for novices and old players. I personally think that the development prospects of QETH from are bright.

Ethereum 2.0 is too hot now. ETH2.0 is to make the blockchain the basis of 2.0, and many tokens are issued through ETH. So now no one will not pay attention to ETH2.0, after all, it is a wealth opportunity. There are a lot of people playing 2.0 now, and QETH from has such an advantage, the prospects will not be bad.

At present, there are 318 exchanges listed on Ethereum, and the large exchanges basically have this currency. However, in comparison, QETH, which was launched by and quickcash, dominates.

When was's QETH launched? I am a newcomer in the cryptocurrency industry. I don’t know much about the current market. If I want to invest in a long-term project, is QETH from OK? Is it really so promising?

I have never bought QETH from I don't know that QETH still has so many advantages. The ETH market is now good. I am going to invest online. Wait for a chance to try QETH from

is this QETH another version of eth 2.0 created by exchange or we just stake ETH to get more of 1QETH.

ETH2.0 is indeed an opportunity for wealth. However, if you participate in mining, the threshold for participation is high, requiring 32 ETH. The lock-up period is long and the liquidity is uncertain. The technical cost needs to be borne by the node itself, and the annual cost is about US$120. Staking nodes need to be stable and active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, otherwise there will be penalties and the income will be difficult to guarantee. Now QETH can just fill this gap.

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