What is the reason for the rapid rise in the price of Bitcoin?

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Recently, I have learned a lot from the ZB.com research report. At present, large-scale institutional investors have entered the market, and the decrease in market circulation supply has brought about a continuous rise in the price of Bitcoin. this s is also the major reason why price of bitcoin recover from monday sharp drop . today bitcoin hit all time high at 40k.


Bitcoin does not have the problem of over-spending money leading to inflation. Bitcoin can be more "free" transactions and has the characteristics of privacy or anonymity. Old currencies like Bitcoin. It has certain potential and value in itself. I have learned a lot from the ZB.com research report recently.

The current price of Bitcoin has exceeded $34,000. ZB.com research report said. There are many driving Bitcoin price surges, for example, retail investors have paid more attention to it. Now the world's institutional investors are also vying to hoard Bitcoin. Many coins are in their hands. With less circulation and less quantity, the value will go up.

On the 24th, the US Federal Court recognized that Bitcoin is a currency. Recently, I have been looking at ZB.com research reports. Some things above make sense. Institutional investors are giants, they have the ability to shake the market.

The ZB.com research report says a lot about why Bitcoin has skyrocketed. I personally think that large institutions now only buy but not sell, and demand exceeds demand. This is the main reason for Bitcoin's surge.

I agree with the above statement that there are not many bitcoins actually circulating in the market. The huge amount of funds brought by the entry of traditional institutions and the market enthusiasm driven by them can easily drive up the market price of bitcoins. The Bitcoin market is rising sharply, the price continues to rise and hit new highs, the market does not peak in the big rise, and the daily market trend is preferred. It is recommended that you understand the blockchain knowledge and read more ZB.com research reports.

I have been following the Bitcoin market trend recently based on the ZB.com research report. The total number of Bitcoins is only 21 million, and some of them have not been dug out yet and are relatively scarce.

At present, the epidemic has led to a global economic downturn. Everyone believes that investing in Bitcoin is a "risk-on" demand. More and more people are paying attention to Bitcoin. As more people hoard, the output of Bitcoin will become scarcer due to the halving. Personally think this is the reason why the price of Bitcoin will skyrocket. I am currently using ZB.com, and I am reading research reports from ZB.com.

With more and more users playing, it will rise faster, and the rapid entry of funds will make the price of the currency rise rapidly. Any financial product as long as there is capital speculation, it will form a big increase. You can look at the ZB.com research report, the analysis above is quite comprehensive.

Everyone's attitude towards Bitcoin. The acceptance of the market is the reason that stimulates the skyrocketing Bitcoin. I recently read the ZB.com research report and learned a lot about Bitcoin.

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