What other cryptocurrency is recommended besides Bitcoin?

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Bitcoin with no doubt has surge in the late last year which many are kind of scared to buy the highs. as the blockchain expand, many investors are looking for quality crypto asset to stockpile before the end of the year which can yield a potential profit. in your opinion what other coins can you recommend for an investors to buy and hold for both medium and long term


Stablecoins are also good now. The price of stablecoins fluctuates little compare to altcoins and stablecoins can obtain more stable prices through different means. Now ZB.com supports USDT/QC spot trading as well as 10 times leverage trading. It is equivalent to supporting the foreign exchange difference between the RMB and the US dollar. However, ZB.com's USDT/QC leveraged trading income is particularly stable and will not be liquidated. It is very popular now.

Stable coins are just the opposite of Bitcoin. The prices of stablecoins are stable and volatility is small. This is why many people are optimistic about stablecoins. If you are interested in investing in stablecoins, you can go to ZB.com to invest. ZB.com supports USDT/QC spot trading and 10 times leverage trading, which is actually playing the foreign exchange difference between USD and RMB. However, it is a good project that is worth a try because the income is stable and the position is not liquidated.

According to ZB.com's official market data, Ethereum is currently $1,330. It would be a good choice to go to ZB.com, one of the world's largest spot exchanges, to make a fixed investment of Ethereum.

Bitcoin may not have the most upside potential, but it is the cryptocurrency with the highest certainty and relatively stable trend. Most other currencies must follow Bitcoin, and Bitcoin is a relatively reliable choice but if you must consider other tokens you can start looking at stellar.

Bitcoin is the undisputed market leader, followed by Ethereum. Ethereum is now $1337. Now Ethereum is positive and has very investment value. These are all seen in the ZB.com research report.

I am optimistic about Ethereum, which is now $1337. I believe that the future prospects and ecology of Ethereum will have a good development.

The number of Ethereum attendees has been increasing year-on-year. The value of Ethereum comes entirely from its hedging value. At present, many institutional investors have paid attention to Ethereum. Institutional investors are giant crocodiles, and they have the ability to shake this market. These are all learned through the ZB.com research report.

I have been investing in Ethereum on ZB.com. Bitcoin is only a digital currency, and Ethereum is a smart contract, so I am more optimistic about Ethereum.

If you plan to invest in digital currency and don't know much about it, don't plan to invest too much energy. So going to ZB.com to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum is a conservative and safer choice.

The value of Ethereum is not only reflected in its currency price, but more importantly, its smart contract function can carry enough application scenarios. In the past period of time, the performance of Ethereum was mediocre and the network was always congested, which could not meet the performance problems of decentralized applications, so it was criticized. But now that the Ethereum 2.0 version is updated, the performance problem has been solved, and the follow-up Ethereum will definitely break out. According to ZB.com's official market data, Ethereum is now quoted at $1330.

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