zb.com added more feature to trading platform.

in #zb11 months ago

zb.com has been revolutionalizing the crypto space by meeting users need as top priority for technical upgrade. to serve traders at all better , zb.com integrate the following feature to its trading platform ;


  1. Margin trading section added the function to check borrowing and repayment history.

  2. OTC trading added the function to check the counterparty's transaction type in the past 30 days.

  3. Fix the problems reported by users and optimize the experience.

further more, as a reputable crypto exchange that has built transparency trading crypto asset, BTS LAB spotted zb.com as srategic partner for upcoming meetup event on the 29th of December.



Is the meet up event going to be virtual due to the pandemic? If yes, what platform?

the meetup will not be virtual , the meet up is taking place in shenzhen

That will be great but hope the second wave of pandemic won't affect it because of large crowd that zb.com is going to pool or are the participating members going to be screened?

covid 19 policy still stand , but for the meetup , if the second wave is very strong , it might be pospone

I really like the zb.com team pro-activeness . Let's wait till them.

Ohooo oMg really
Zb new update I still for this update
Thanks you zb.com
Best cryptocurrency project and exchange my best exchange

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