Free Cryptocurrency ZenCash $ZEN - NOT a Scam

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ZenCash is a privacy coin being developed to allow people to send money securely and anonymously. It is also a platform that will allow users to send private messages on the blockchain.

ZenCash is a great grandson of bitcoin, as it was derived from ZClassic, which was forked from ZCash, which itself was forked from Bitcoin. As such, the supply of ZenCash is limited - only 21 million coins will ever exist, and there was no premine or ICO.

There is a ZenCash faucet that's been in operation for some time. It allows people to get ~25000 millizen for free every 20 hours. At current prices, that's only worth about $0.01, but it's completely free and available pretty much every day. If the coin goes up exponentially in the future, there could be some real value here. Right now, $ZEN's market cap is only about $118 million, and with a limited supply, there's plenty of room for upside if the development team is successful. I'm betting on the team because it has a lot of competent and highly qualified people.

All you need to do to collect free ZenCash is create a $ZEN wallet if you don't already have one. You can go here to ZenCash's official site for more information about how to do that.

Then, you go here to the ZenCash faucet, confirm you're not a bot and solve a simple equation, and the $ZEN will be sent to the address you type in.

Sometimes the faucet runs out of $ZEN, but people donate frequently, which allows you to collect more $ZEN after more $ZEN is deposited.

Enjoy the free money. This is not a scam.


trying to get my 42 zen together for a secure node! it all helps