Zen Colouring Contest #40 - || Twisting Tulips || - A Chance to WIN STEEM/SBD by Colouring a Weekly Stencil!

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Hey Steemians!

Week 40 of #zencolouringcontest starts now!

Each week I will provide a stencil to be coloured in with no restrictions on the medium used, with a chance to win 45% of this posts payout and the weeks' donations for 1st place.

To add a little twist and interaction within the community, there will be a featured colour each week, picked at random from entrant's choices. This colour must be used in some way in your interpretation (use as little or as much of the featured colour as you like).


The featured colour this week is Pink
Below is a screen capture of the random picker's selection:
(with example shades of the colour)

W40 Colour.PNG


The contest will run week to week, to provide enough time for entrants to colour in the pattern. It's Zen for a reason!

This week's contest will run as follows:

Tuesday 19th, 18:00 GMT - 'Week Starts' post
Wednesday 20th, 15:00 GMT - 'Winners Showcase' post
Tuesday 26th, 15:00 GMT - 'Week Ending' post
Tuesday 26th, 18:00 GMT - 'New Week Starts' post
(GMT - Greenwich Mean Time)

No entries are accepted after the 'Week Ending Post'.


  • Download the Stencil provided below.
  • Colour the Stencil in any way you wish.
  • Any medium is accepted, digital, traditional or otherwise.
  • Must UPVOTE and RESTEEM this post.
  • (Optional) Create your own post titled: i.e. ...Entry for Zen Colouring Contest #40...
  • Add your final coloured piece to your entry post.
  • In your entry, state which colour you would pick for next week's featured colour.
  • The FEATURED COLOUR this week is Pink
  • Make sure your first tag is #zencolouringcontest.
  • Only 1 entry per Steemer.
  • You don't have to be an artist. Anyone can enter! People of all ages!
  • (IMPORTANT) Leave a comment on this post with a link and/or image of your entry/post.
  • Encourage each other by upvoting and commenting on other entries in the #zencolouringcontest tag!
  • You can add lines and shapes, so long as the main pattern remains visible.

All accepted entries will be resteemed by me and the following badge will appear on your entry post, so that you know it has been accepted:


Here is this week's Stencil:

click the image for full size, then right click the full size image and save the image.

Load the stencil image into your favourite art software on your phone, tablet or PC. Or print it out and use traditional forms of colouring! The image is sized to A4 paper for ease of printing.


I am judging the contest and will choose the winners based on creativity and originality

The prizes for this week are:

1st place -
45% of post payout + donations +
One 100% Upvote & Resteem for a post of their choosing

2nd place -
30% of post payout + donations +
One 100% Upvote & Resteem for a post of their choosing

3rd place -
15% of post payout + donations +
One 100% Upvote & Resteem for a post of their choosing

Honourable Mention -
One 100% Upvote & Resteem for a post of their choosing

Community Favourite.png
Community Favourite -
One 100% Upvote & Resteem for a post of their choosing

Winners will receive the corresponding badge as a comment on their entry when the 'Winners Showcase' is posted. Prizes will be handed out when this post pays out.


Would you like to help support the contest further? Whether you are an entrant or an admirer, If you would like to make a small donation towards the prize pool, please send it with the memo 'ZenColouring # Donation!'.
I myself will be donating 0.25 SBD to the prize pool each week.

@organduo & @laputis donated 5.0 STEEM last week, Thank you!

@deemarshall donated 2.0 STEEM last week, Thank you!


This week the inspiration of the stencil is Spring and flowers, more specifically, Tulips. All flowers have meaning behind them but the Tulip has the most, which are based around the colour they are. In Victorian times men would give woman specific colours depending on their feelings. Red means undying love and passion, Pink are for friendship and joyful occasions, Purple are nobility and Spring, White means sincerity and worthiness, Blue are tranquility and trust, Orange represents understanding and appreciation, Black means strength and supreme elegance, Yellow are for cheerful thoughts and hope!

This weeks featured colour is Pink, Friendship and Joyful Occasions. What other colours will you choose to pair with them? Please feel free to use all the colours that reflect how you currently feel or make the bouquet represent one you'd give to someone you love!

Have fun, but most importantly have a relaxing zen-colouring sesh!


Join the Zen Colouring Discord Server:

Share your entry,
Talk with me & other colouring enthusiasts,
Listen to music & colour the stencil together,
and get exclusive #zencolouringcontest news & updates.

Don't miss your chance to be part of this ever expanding community!


You must have a Discord account with a verified email!


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If you have any suggestions or ideas about the contest please leave a comment below and your input will be displayed here in future posts.


If you would like to use this animation on your entry post you can.
For ease, just copy the following string of text into your post:



Thanks for your support and donation to this week’s contest! 😁

Here's mine.

(Anyone having trouble with using Steempeak - just replace "peak" with "it" (in the URL) for Steemit.)

Beautiful, makes me think of Spring, when there’s about two feet of snow outside. lovely tulips 🌷 good luck my friend ❣️

Thank you! Yes, very spring like. I'm jealous of you though - we get the snow here in Wyoming, but we don't get to keep it.

I’ll trade you spots for awhile, I love Wyoming, it’s gorgeous there❣️

It is. I just wish we kept our snow. They do over in Yellowstone, but that's a long ways from where we are - Casper.

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Valentine challenge - Love is in the air!

Good luck

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