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RE: My New Content Format When Under Predatory Rates | It Will Be A Ball Or A Gag????

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So you don't think that the pack of changes will improve anything, we'll you seem convinced that it will make it worse, so you are fine with how it is right now, or what would be the best changes in your opinion and why and how?

As for:

  1. Nobody wants "deeper content". Well, scratch that, almost no one wants that, what most everyone wants is for content to be rewarded accordingly.
  2. Your content gets crawled by the search spiders, big whoop, as if you're special or you have some golden book on the best keywords. Nope. You want exactly what, as your sense of entitlement is mighty large for absolutely no reason, as it seems that the traffic you command isn't enough for your highness.
  3. You want to get paid for ads that aren't hosted on your end at all, simply because your content is condensed from the blockchain by steemit? Talk about entitled.
  4. One EPI geared towards making this place reward content more sustainably and deserving and here we go down the slippery slope to where "something else will be gunning for your entitled author rewards". You do realize that previously, the only change to author / curation rewards was the other way around, it used to be 50/50. But all of a sudden it's going to set the precedent, as you seem to imply, to just keep taking from author rewards, because why not.

Listen, power down and leave. You clearly do not want to be here, you do not trust in the years of discussion about these things, you think you know better and that these people are self serving idiots of one kind or another, so why stick around, why O why? Just leave now. Go. If you don't believe in the community, you don't believe in the witnesses the community voted for, you don't believe in the proposals that have been debated and considered for years, why are you here, just to whine? Just to share your enormous sense of entitlement?
Giit the fuck out of here.


Entitlement is this comment you left. Funny as hell. Thanks for that have a great night.

Go, git, what are you doing here if this place is populated by idiots, morons and imbecilic self serving leeches, not in so many words? You can host your own content and be all over the SEO and put whatever ads you want, and guess what, you can even put a dollar sign with a whatever whack ass figures you need to tell yourself "I'm worth it", Ta da. No more idiots debating how to cheat you out of your author rewards under the guise of improving the economic model, no more thieves taking advantage of your impeccably worded content and it's ranking on search results, no more morons making money from ads that should belong to you, and no more getting your precious author rewards cut under the pretense of funding development.

But don't listen to me, I'm the entitled one because I showed you the door.

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What entitlement, convenient that you didn't explain anything or had anything to contest to what I pointed out, but do feel entitled to leave it at that, who am I to mince words with someone who literally thinks they deserve ad revenue from someon else's hosting among other things.

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It’s nice to see some on this platform still have some fire in them!