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RE: My New Content Format When Under Predatory Rates | It Will Be A Ball Or A Gag????

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This was really impassioned and you said it well. I had to give a bigger upvote to your last post because you deserve it.



Thank you for your kindness.

I wrote it in the moment and pressed enter. Quite a number of people are very angry with me right now and it’s understandable.

I’ve seen this coming for quite a while and I could not find the words and still have not on why it’s troublesome. So many changes they want to make all at once seem like grasping at straws. If they tried to do so much in a video games economy at once there would be a high chance of unforeseen consequences and abusers finding new loopholes that it would send it into a death spiral.

I’ve played so many roles to so many different people and most are long gone. Some found the success they were looking for on other platforms in creating an audience. The reward pool is being ask to do the impossible because it is not human and no change in numbers will change that.

Since you are referencing games here, it's completely relevant. Game balance often tweaks multiple parameters at once and see how it plays out. As long as the motivations are clear behind every change (what change to make), and there are considerations for why certain parameters are chosen (the how much of a change to make), I don't see this as chaotic at all. It's part of a natural balancing process.

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As already stated in the comment “high chance of unforeseen consequences” to this wide range of changes all at once. Thank of the current reward system. So many Witness are saying “I hope” and “don’t know” along with other uninspiring words. Dam that sound like something we should go for.

That's an unfair characterization of the situation. The current situation is terrible for Steem, and what had been identified are changes that affect certain behaviors. Like I said, for game balance nobody knows what's going to happen either, but they are thinking on changes that target broken behaviors.

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