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RE: My New Content Format When Under Predatory Rates | It Will Be A Ball Or A Gag????

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Ok wait just a second here. You say that this makes you not want to be a team player and automate or whatever, yet you didn't think that it would be more beneficial for you to do it now when it's easier? Trust me, it's not going to be that simple in the new rules.

You are thinking too short term here. All the things you see as cuts don't factor the shift in equilibrium that will happen as a result of the rule change. Besides, half the things you mentioned happen even if you don't change the rules.

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You are thinking too short term here

I just put out a post that was a couple months in the making.

I’ve until recently maintained a 5 month old index manually in a frequent manner.

I go back and edit older posts to link to relevant content or make small changes to make it more relevant.

I am thinking longer term then most realize.

Besides, half the things you mentioned happen even if you don't change the rules.

Half these things occurring would not have been the issue. I was fine paying a 15% to use a platform that gave me the tools I wanted. I expect the other thing to take some kind of cut to cover what they are doing one day. At some point there is that breaking point and I won’t be shocked when they come in with a knife to cut the pie up some more.

I meant short term when it comes to effects of the changes. I'll admit that it isn't going to solve everything, but I believe it is in the right direction.

Also, funding the SPS. Think about it this way: that's less work utopian needs to do because it is handled in an automated manner here. And you anyway know how delegations get thrown around. That of course is an issue on its own.

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