Zillacracy Reminder: Only 15 Days left for ZIL Stakers to grab free airdrops! 🧑‍🚀🚀

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Still Time Left to grab that ZIL!!

zildrop.jpg IMAGE SOURCE: https://images.app.goo.gl/s17Lq8kPWVvd2nz6A
Zilliqa is a Scalable high-throughput blockchain offering airdrops ZIL holders who stake on the Zillacracy Seed Node through March 16th 2021!

Time to collect and Stake More Zil!

Hmm.. looks like ZIL's to the moon next!!! ZIL is always helping the ZIL staking community with bonuses! No wonder why ZIL is mewning! TIME to HODL ZIL!


Zillacracy Seed Node In Motion!

Zillacracy is the latest campaign running now through March 16th, 2021.
The event consists of a daily lottery of 1,000 $ZIL being airdropped to a random address staking on the Zillacracy seed node. Winners will be announce daily on the Zillacracy Twitter and Telegram channel.

Not only will the offering include 1,000 $ZIL daily, it will also offer an additional 2,500 $ZIL airdroped every week during the event.

Stock up on the DIP!

Surely ZIL-USD is going up from here!
Even If you don't get all the airdrops this round, you will be all ready for the next campaign coming in the fall!
Screenshot 20210228 at 12.32.28 PM.png

For Details Check out the Source below:


Be sure to follow the Zillacracy's Twitter account to keep up to date. Finally Zillacracy will also give away an Oculus Quest 2 on completion of the even as a thank you to the community. Please note: (You must stake on the Zillacracy node)

I even unstaked on Atomic wallet, just to stake on Zillacracy!


I should be receiving my ZIL any minute now!

Follow @coininstant for more!

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