Humans and community

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Humans in general are already known as social beings. Of course this is a natural human bond that can never be separated from other creatures. Therefore, humans certainly have the drive to keep in touch (interaction) with other humans, which are often based on the similarity of characteristics, hobbies, and interests.

Well! For this reason humans take the initiative to form working groups, study groups, or discussion groups called community. Community itself is often tightened with social groups from various backgrounds to find an idea or purpose in common. Many more definitions of a community.

Then the question will arise again, why should the community, if humans can work independently. Here sometimes there are many narratives of certain answers or reasons. It all depends on ourselves, whether we need a community or not. Sometimes someone thinks that he doesn't need a community at all. Why do I have to be a community if you can get your own work together?

To answer this confusion we must know the essence of a community itself. For example you have a hobby, but why do you have to find people who have people who have the same hobby to run your hobbies. For example you like potography, why should you look for people who have a hobby of photography, hobby of writing, why look for people who like to write. Well! This is the meeting point why we need community and we must enter or form a community.

The Key is the Same Interest

In community you must not have desires that are in flux with your community's goals (Vision and Mission), or when you have a problem, then you must prioritize the interests of the community. In general, every member of the community has the same interest. The key is the same interests. Then the question arises again, what if in a community we do not have the same hobby. Make no mistake, interests and hobbies are far different, asking is a strong desire while hobbies are tastes, or pleasant things that are liked by someone. Then the answer to that question is; that the community is not only a unifying forum for hobbies but also where we appreciate others.

In order to make my discussion about the basic thoughts why humans should be in community.

Even though there are many references about the basic shape of society, but at least this is one of the basic foundations of the forerunner of the human mindset to form a community. Enough here first, let me explain a little of my point of view about the community. In the next meeting I will discuss about community tips.


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