Tips for Dealing with Angry Wives

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The article is translation from: Kiat-kiat Hadapi Istri yang Sedang Marah. My apologize if there are translation errors, and it is open for suggestion about it.

In the household life there must be a problem that must be faced by a married couple. However, sometimes facing married matters, sometimes husband and wife have own opinions and disagrees. When this disagreement occurs, and to minimize the consequences of the dispute, the husband should be wiser in dealing with the anger of his wife.

Often the husband faces or responds to his wife who is being emotionally stricken by emotional means as well. Inevitably what happened was a fight or quarrel, each one felt right about their opinions and finally they did not want to listen to each other.

In this article I try to share experiences based on my own and observation from others experiences. There are certain steps that are of concern to minimize the occurrence of violent fights with our wife, namely:

1. Think of women as always right

This is the main rule and must be remembered by men or even husbands. Based on my personal experience, if in the beginning, there was a conflict of opinion, it turns out the husband the first action refuses or considers the wife has the wrong opinion then usually the direction of the conversation will usually turn into a fight. Let's just say the wife's opinion is the first hypothesis that needs to be tested for truth.

So in a temporary moment, the first thing that husband should do is to accept the wife's opinion without giving a right or wrong judgment quickly. Let give chance the wife argue first without blaming or cornering it. Only after the wife has finished arguing, can the husband proceed to the next step in responding to the wife's opinion.

2. Listen and sympathy to the wife's feeling or her opinions

As a husband, should listen to the wife's opinion, and do not be refuted or rebutted before she finishes speaking. Do not give an opinion that is patronizing or if necessary not responded to first. Sometimes the wife just wants to complain or just wants to be heard.

The mistake that is often made by husbands is to think his wife whingeing about something means asking for her husband's opinion. Though not always so, women are human beings who are filled with emotions different from men who are more likely to use logic when solving problems.

3. Husbands should not show his arrogance

Often the husband always feels superior and smarter than his wife. Keep in mind that sometimes the wife's observations are more observant than the husband

The mistake that often happens is when the husband's opinion is right, they usually show or say, "That was what I have told you so, and my opinion is right.". The mistake that often happens is when the husband's opinion is right, they usually show or say, "That was what I have told you so, and my opinion is right.". Don't act too often or say these words, we should assuming the right decision or opinion is decided by or belong together.

There is no need to claim too often that due to the decision or opinion of the husband it turns out that a good result is obtained. It's okay sometimes the husband claims success because of his opinion but still keep his wife's feelings, don't be too arrogant in front of her.

4. Give her time to let calm down

If the wife is still in a state of intense emotion or anger, the husband should be quiet first. However, if women have grumbled, usually men can talk wrong or lose the argument. It is better to be quiet for a while, this is also to prevent the husband from igniting his anger and avoid beating the wife. Being quiet does not mean losing, but succumbing to getting the best results.

5. Stay away for a moment

When bickering or fighting can not be avoided and become more intense because all are equally emotional. The husband should stay away first or get out of the room. This is to avoid domestic violence, which is most feared is the occurrence of physical fighting which causes problems to become more complicated.

6. Avoid divorced and dirty words

In disputes or disagreements, divorce words should never come out. What's more accompanied by curse obscenities to his wife. Remember, however, the woman who is your best companion and a respectable wife.

Faith and pray to the God

If the disagreement has not yet come to a meeting point, may the husband bring the matter to prayer. Invite the wife also to bring problems that exist in prayer. Undoubtedly the prayer of a married couple will be answered by Almighty God.

So these tips for dealing with a wife who is in emotion, need wisdom and soul maturity to address problems in marriage. After all marriage is one of the gifts given by God. (hpx)


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