will it be the currency of the future bitcoin has just hit a record high and is poised to rise

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Will this be the same currency that the future bitcoin has just hit the Airport and is likely to go further, but many people say it's just an espresso set so there's a new safe haven inside the stride. Gah Bane Quinn is absolutely right and welcomes back to Doha with me. Today is Peter Dobby Violet's bitcoin season, once again the year of the yea, when for some reason the world's most famous and highly understood currency exploded in March.

A friend's bitcoin had پانچ 5,000 in December. We came in the new year 30,000 and adjusted days later are now 40,000. In it, they already have where the bitcoin is doing the triggering where it goes next and those who are not presenting the game in a better way if you have to expose the past for this latest climax There is a panel of experts but if you like it you are still confused as to which Wikipedia is officially and more than any other cryptocurrency. What do you need to know about BassBox? Any kind of online currency has to go through Amdol Main with every transaction now it is usually independent or money exchange facility which says yes person has given money to the personcryptocurrencyy is given name Any kind of currency that allows you to touch the middle man is what makes a blockchain unique to some cryptocurrencies through a very complex system and says you have to make them secure which In fact you need to know that as a person it is known as thousands of computers decentralized systematic coin othe nly cryptocurrency Is the first and oldest version but there are many more in the last day in which at least 30 other people have been created.

We bring our guests from New York. We have Sweet Goetz, the foun,der and CEO of Block Tower.

Capital is a cryptocurrency investment firm. Greek Helman is in London. Heas an cryptocurren cy. Will know how high this singing can make me that this is for an amazing moment. Take a broad look at cryptocurrency from an institutional point of view and look at the chain of this market from the early to mid-stages and equity archetype from most of these bull markets in any set class. When it starts, they move to a part of the bicycle stack. This is what I call a trending blood market where people are talking about good news and statistics and you have real buyers and real demand and that's where we are right now and I think A key driver is related to the previous adoption cycles that the company now has and we can't talk about it anymore

. Who are the companies where the demand is coming from and what they are buGabbettibbett effectively means that we have to go to the present and the end times when these assets will enter and an important transfer point that wechangedhanged, we've relocated these entities to the entities that are allocating tho the space for the long term that could go into it significantl y. Over the next 12 to 18 months, it will not be surprising to see that there is a substantial updraft in this particular aspect of the market in London, which means that the price will go up. There is an important elementthe exaggeration, which I think is the answer. One of the challenges and one of the challenges in understanding that you can learn about bitcoin is that it is a relatively novel that we see in exchange currencies. You know you know the rise in the past but you You know, this is the first digital replacement company or asset we've concluded. It is difficult to increase the size and monetize the value based on the supply of all nature. Is currently worth less than 1 trillion 730 billion