black squid recipe is soft and spicy great

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Here are some ways to prepare the squid you want to cook into a black squid recipe:
Clean the squid

We recommend that you clean the squid with running water. Separate the head and body of the squid by pulling it and then look for the squid pocket inside the body slowly. Pull the flat bone and rinse thoroughly.

Use Squid In The bag containing the squid ink should not be thrown away. The silver circle under this head will turn the color of the squid recipe black. Not only used as a dye, squid ink also makes dishes more savory.

Eliminate the Fishy Odor

Squid ink generally gives off a sweet aroma. To eliminate and reduce the fishy aroma in squid, you can take advantage of lime leaves, ginger, lime juice and lots of spices.

Don't Cook Too Long

How to cook soft black squid, you should not cook it too long. Over-cooked squid can make the texture tough. When the squid has changed color, this is a sign that the squid is ripe.Here's a spicy black squid recipe that you can try at home.

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