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After the introduction of Cryptocurrency into the financial world over a decade ago, there has been a complete turnaround in the global financial system as decentralized finance (DEFI) has continued to gain more popularity and acceptance amongst users. This is as a result of the need to create a financial economy different from the conservative monetary system in order to provide users more dividends and privacy on their financial activities.

Protection of individual data and privacy control in today's financial industry is of utmost importance especially as it has to do with decentralized finance.
Most times individuals' data are being stored in a database system without their authorization and by doing so they face denial of controlling their own data most times as against their wish.

Some individuals seem to be at the mercy of many corporations who tend to take advantage of these individuals' data because of the control they have over these data. To save individuals from this threat, a perfect mechanism of distribution is required to give these individuals their desired security and that is what Alre is designed to provide. That is the desired solution.


What is Enter button Project?
EnterButton’s main project is buying and selling luxury goods. The buying and selling of luxury goods based on offline stores contributes to the outstanding stability of the project and can be generated through a secured loan with 24% of annual revenue as of 2020. The continuity of the project, which never stops and creates a profit, pays solid rewards based on this continuity. To offset the risk of unpaid mortgage loans, we guarantee a one-month renewal period through a contract when the loan is underway, and ensure risk management through our own rules that exercise the right to sell collateral immediately.

Incineration System
We will continue to incinerate tokens strategically and continuously to enhance the value of ENTC for users. Our project can provide continuous rewards to users and will incinerate some of the quantities except user payments. Increasing the value of us and our users within our own ecosystem is one of the most important parts of our lives.

Realtime Monitoring System
ENTC distribution management is transparently disclosed to all holders through the official website (multilingual support). The current distribution quantity reflecting system and rewards can be checked in real time, and the holders can acquire the best product at a special price through the global private auction. In addition, by using ENTC in various uses other than using the EnterButton itself, it will be possible to give great value by holding it alone.


Announce that ENTC token will be available on Coinsbit on 30.10.2021!
Pair: https://t.co/ILFM0Qwghy?amp=1

Enter Button Project is a trendy space itself as well as ‘O2O platform’ that can invite to the new era of consumer liquidization solution. It makes personal luxury goods to become ‘Assets’ as of ‘ABS; Asset-Backed Security’ The liquidation services of EnterButton is not only groundbreaking but it allows the consumers to maximize the value of their valuable luxury goods.
The expansion of distribution channel to ‘T-Commerce’ based on the business roadmap of SDKB creates rapid circulation of liquidity and expects ‘synergy effect’ with the entertainment department.

Join ENTC on social media:
Website : http://enterbutton.org/
Twitter — https://twitter.com/entc_official
Telegram chats: https://t.me/entc_official,
Telegram bounty : https://t.me/ENTC_Bounty
Telegram BM: https://t.me/Aladd1nCenter

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