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Sine city is a virtual platform that connects people with different skills, experiences and interests in the decentralised economy. Sine city will allow people to grow in the decentralized economy while keeping their freedom. In Sin City people get up to no good, that's why it is called sin city. In this blog we talk about a decentralised platform that is in beta in which you can book yourself in for no good in Sin City. It is called sin city decentralised virtual platform.


Sin city is just a simple concept that can be very easily translated into a real world application. A decentralised platform that will allow the users to a full range of facilities for a fraction of the cost. The platform will support gaming, housing and finance.

The sin city VC is a platform that is built on top of blockchain technology. The platform is designed on the principles of decentralisation and will allow the users of the platform to easily add and search for the best virtual games.

Sin city is a unique cryptocurrency token that strives to bridge the gap between traditional gambling and blockchain technology. We are adding value to our currency by way of gaming platform, housing market and virtual property ownership all on the blockchain.
With its unique currency, the Sin city crypto has set out to create a 24/7 virtual casino experience for gamers across the globe. Sin city allows you to buy or sell goods using smart contracts on its Blockchain.

Sin city is a unique Dapp platform that enables the real world and virtual world to be connected with each other. It also provides a decentralised ecosystem for gamers, sellers, buyers and service providers of the gaming industry.

Sin city is a decentralised virtual, housing and gaming platform. It's based on blockchain technology which gives user the opportunity to own virtual land by buying tokens. Sin city is a decentralised platform for virtual products which includes 3D and 2D products. The platform will also have a module where people can create their own games using the tools provided by the platform.


What’s multi-chain and how does it impact Sin City?
A continuing trend many DeFi and gaming projects are seeing, is the rise of cross-chain capability. This allows for projects to tap into a multitude of consumers across several Blockchains.
Sin City plans to benefit from this phenomena by building several internal cross-chain bridges that will allow the $SIN token to be available to be traded on several decentralized exchanges.
$SIN will initially be listed on Pancake Swap as a BEP-20 token.

Why BEP-20 to start with?
Public IDO and retail clients are the initial heartbeat of a project. With volatile gas fees on the Ethereum chain, this may have a detrimental impact on the initial launch as well as customer acquisition.
BEP-20 token launches remain largely free from these issues, and have been considered as the preference for many IDO launchpads we have spoken to.

How about the NFT marketplace & digital land sale on Polygon?
This will remain on Polygon Network, an existing partner and supporter of the project. With low transaction costs and a well developed ecosystem for NFT marketplaces; this is the ideal fit for this project.
We have developed a BSC-Polygon bridge, which will provide for a seamless experience to swap the token to be able to be used on the Polygon network.

How about ETH-chain and Uniswap?
Still very much a crowd favourite for the team, we will shortly list the $SIN token on Uniswap after the initial launch on ETH chain. Again, we have a bridge ready to swap the $SIN token between ETH and Polygon; allowing for a seamless experience when using our NFT marketplace.

What does this mean for Seed, Private & NFT owners who provided an ERC-20 address?
This should in theory not represent any major issues. Users will expect to be able to claim BEP-20 tokens using the same wallet address provided on all SAFT agreements. A token claims portal on our website will be available to facilitate this (release date TBC).
However, users should ensure they switch their custom RPC settings to “Binance Smart Chain” when performing token claims. Link below on how to facilitate this:

Wen Launch?
Very very soon, you can expect to see this announced. Follow our socials to keep up to speed!

Sin City is a decentralised ecosystem aimed at revolutionising the gambling industry by leveraging the benefits of blockchain technology. Our ecosystem will allow developers to create DApps using smart contracts. Our team is committed to providing the best user experience for our users.

It is a platform that will allow people in the adult industry to use a currency that is not controlled by a centralised authority. The currency will be used for payment for adult services, products and advertising space. The currency will also be available for use in mobile games and in shops in Las Vegas. The currency will be backed by a real time adult webcam platform.


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