Fear of past failures

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Fear of past failures, but I say get up. If for some reason you have bad thoughts in your mind, try to look inside your own mind. You will find that there is a lot of work that you can do efficiently. Look around you, there are many people who do not have the same qualifications as you, but they are living a life of happiness and prosperity.

Get rid of inferiority complex, because if other people in the world can be happy, you can be happy too. If others can prosper, so can you. Failure does not mean that your value has dropped.

We show a thousand rupees note in a workshop and ask, who wants to get it?

Everyone raised their hands. Then I flipped this note over and asked again, who wants to get it, again everyone raises their hands. Then I threw this note on the ground and threw a lot of dust on it, then I shouted and asked who wants to get it now, the surprise happened because even then everyone raised their hands i.e. everyone was willing to get it.

Explaining the main point of the incident, I say that whether you keep wrapping notes, dusting them or whatever, thousands are worth thousands. Friend! In the same way, no matter what the circumstances of your life, no matter how hard you try, no one can underestimate you if you can evaluate yourself properly.

If you want to live with dignity, free yourself from your past, have a sense of superiority about yourself and start a new life with full energy. Don't make any excuses, get rid of words like win-lose from your head, just resolve that.

"I will do what I know to the best of my ability and determination"

Then you don't have to worry, because in each case you will get more results than you, then the situation itself will appreciate you because everyone bows to the rising sun.

Regards: @YTyeasin

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