Focus on success - part - 2

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If you haven't read the previous article on Focus on success please read it first.

The secret of productivity
No matter what profession you belong to or if you work according to your own plan, that life can also be called effective life. Because it will leave a lot of time for you to enjoy even after working. My friends often ask me when I do so much work. I told them there was no mystery in it. The secret is that I spend every moment of my life thinking. I don't like to talk constantly. Many friends sit for hours, reminiscing about the past and sharing joys and sorrows. You just have to be compelled to be additional discriminating with the assistance you render toward people. That's the only mystery.

If I need clear knowledge or help on any subject, I do not hesitate to take it because it has many benefits to work with. I don't like to start all over again. I know I can't be an expert in everything so I never fully expect myself. For example, my secretary does the hopping because he is good at it. This way my time is also saved, and I can meditate on much more important things. I always try to get things done quickly and beautifully. I also want the help of others to increase the productivity and quality of work because it allows me to use my full potential.

Decide which parts you want to do yourself to get a job done. I have to write for a separate paper in addition to my own company. If I want the desired result, I don't share the work I have to do with anyone else. Things like printing out, viewing e-mails, pasting texts are nothing but a waste of time for me, so I enlist the help of others. My permanent secretary handles my work when I have to go out. I have divided the two houses separately so that no one's work is hampered. If I need to tell him something, I talk to him on the intercom so that I don't waste time coming and going again and again. Thus my production was doubled. I finished my work and gave him the computer so that he could take out the printout. In this way, the work is completed very quickly due to the increase in ‘Man Power’.

When it comes to increasing my work capacity and productivity, I'm the first to watch TV. And I turn off the phone. At one time I was working on the TV. But I noticed that it lost concentration. Do something for a short period of time while maintaining concentration, there is no point in sitting for hours after doing something that breaks the concentration. Sometimes my concentration is lost due to obstacles and this has an effect on the quality of my work. To be successful, re-evaluate what you have done and put an end to all doubts. If it is not clear to you, how do you meet the doubts of others? Never hesitate to seek any clear knowledge. Any misconceptions can be harmful. By asking questions you can get clear knowledge about any subject. Do not apologize when asking questions. Never assume that the person in front of you knows everything. Asking more questions will allow you to approach the problem and the people involved.

Notice the cancellation
We all have to face adversity and complexity in life. With a little adversity and harassment, people get negative attitudes. Their positivity is lost in an instant. Now the question is how do we maintain positivity even in the worst of situations? You can revisit an old problem the same way you did. For example, in the medical file of my computer, I have written about my illness and its care and services. As a result, if there is any minor problem, I can read them and tell the doctor what medicine I was given during this problem. In many cases, I can take self-medication for minor ailments (although some doctors do not think so) and you can get relief from your problems in this way. To maintain your positivity, think of those who are below you.

You can notice this process even in the face of competition and complexity. In this world, you are not the only one who is sad or angry. On 21st August 2020, I got a slight fever and now I am only thinking about my own fever. I don't even remember my own mother. I don't even know if he ate the food. He can't even take care of me or my wife.

There are some things in life that have to be acknowledged. Focus only on the object that is good and inspiring, and engage in positive thinking, and talk to someone who is always crying, and you will feel frustrated. Be careful and do not let the sorrow and pain of others sit on you. Instead, think of these as actions that you must take on a regular basis. This person can be a distinguished gentleman or one of the people you associate with in your daily life. You can also find a way to get rid of the problems associated with your future.

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