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Eat nutritious food:
The amount and quantity of food we eat is good for our body. 75 trillion cells of our body store nutrients through this food. Just as a car needs a separate lubricating oil for a vehicle such as petrol and a coupe, so does a body need food. Eat enough food a day for adequate nutrition and try to eat as much natural food as possible, eat at least five fruits or raw vegetables a day. Green vegetables are also more beneficial. It is much better than fried or sweet foods. It is better to eat fresh vegetables than packaged vegetables. If possible, do not drink alcohol at all.

Drink pure water:
The human body is 70 percent water. Try to drink 6 to 4 glasses of water daily to keep active. Drink water that contains low levels of chemicals. Unfortunately, very few in our country. Pure water is available in the place. Filter tap water before drinking it. Mineral water obtained in India and bottled water does not fall into healthy water. It is better if you use a machine to get pure water. You can also buy a water purifier for the house. I feel a lot of peace when I drink a few glasses of water when I am under stress. Never equate tea, coffee, soda, bottled juice or wine with water because the digestive process that is accomplished through water cannot be obtained from anyone else. Never worry if you are drinking mineral water because most of the time such water is sold by shielding it. Once I was invited to a good start of a mineral water pump. The water of a canal was stored together in this unit, so that heavy impurities were deposited at the bottom. Then mix any chemical and fill the water bottle. Since then my reliance on mineral water has gone up. Many times we drink plain water with the price of mineral water. Many times when you go to eat at the hotel, the question is whether mineral water or bottled water will be served. My answer is, only filter water is enough for me.

Like water, oxygen is an essential element for our body. And this oxygen we can take from the air without duty. Oxygen is not only life-giving but it also provides energy. Lots of fresh air is needed for a healthy body. Here are some steps you'll be able to fancy begin the method of preparation for mediation. There are many spaces in town where you can go to exercise. When I feel lazy, I come out of the house and take a deep breath in the fresh air. This is a part of my exercise. Residents of Mumbai, Madras and Kolkata tend to wander the seashore to get fresh air. If you live in a flat, plant some plants for fresh air and greenery. The level of pollution is very high in big cities. You can get fresh air from the green plants, which often causes a lot of anger in the absence of a few. A few years ago today, there was so much pollution that the whole body would be filled with carbon and dust when it came from outside. Carbon particles come out with saliva. Not only that, I always felt tired. When the air is fresh, my problem goes away a lot. Freshness should be taken as a blessing from God. In some places, oxygen bars have been made in Banana. Which we can easily get. Why pay for it? Go to the bosom of nature to freshen up.

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