Health Related Advice - part - 2

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If you haven't read the previous article on Health Related Advice please read it first.

The human body is a much bigger machine. It has to be exercised in the right way, and tied to the right size. As a result, the blood circulation of the body is maintained and the heart muscles are also strengthened. The production of hormones is increased and the immunity is also increased. As a result, the internal processes are also activated. The stomach is clean and it keeps the body strong and the bones in the body are strong. Exercise is also beneficial for the body's connective and connective cells. We can't lose weight without exercise. The days when I don't exercise seem incomplete. How and how much you exercise depends on your body and age. For example, 10 years ago today I drove at least 4 km. I used to jog now I think a little walk is enough for me. According to some experts, you should walk fifteen minutes five days a week and thirty minutes three days a week. You can increase that time according to your strength. I think it's okay to exercise every week because we eat and drink every day.

Our body relaxes through sleep. Seven to eight hours of sleep a day is enough for most people. Although older people can not sleep long. Studies show that people who get enough sleep are better able to work. You should complete regular sleep. I feel Ray, the day the banner sleep is not complete, I do not feel refreshed and can not do any work well. Make sure you get enough sleep and try to get as much sleep as possible. Some people prefer a little drowsiness during the day. I am one of them. This allows me to work many nights.

Get rid of the negative process:
Nicotine, excessive drinking, drinking coffee, smoking, stress, having sex with many or unprotected sexually transmitted diseases, not having CTB while driving, etc. are harmful to your body. Stay away from it as much as possible, because without a healthy and strong body you can never reach your goal.

Keep a positive mindset:
No life is free from problems. We create some crises ourselves. And I find some obstacles in the way of life. How we react at such times is up to us. You can express two attitudes, positive or negative. Negative mentality is also harmful for our bodies. When the mentality is negative, the acquaintance deepens. Try to overcome the negative attitude at any time. If you are in crisis, find a way to overcome it instead of worrying about it. Think in the right way and you will get the right solution. You will get what you want in life. Just as an actor can reach the pinnacle by acting, so a doctor can reach the pinnacle by his practice. If you want to stay healthy and happy, choose the right path. Saying, "You will find the right path." Those who say, "I can't do it," will never reach their destination. If you find a task difficult, it will make it difficult for you. You have to make the impossible possible through qualifications, you have to work for your success, happiness and health, you have to rely on yourself and God to have good health.

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