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If you know how to make the most of the 24 hours provided by God, the following tips may work for you:

Write your goals and objectives in the main list. At the same time prepare a list for daily life. Don't create it too massive or too short. In this list, you can include 5-7 works. Try to start the work that is most important to you first. There needs to be variety in the work. You can create variety by combining hard and easy, entertaining and boring work. You can mix A (high) B (medium) and C (low) to perform the task. The work of A needs to be 70%, work of B 20%, and work of C 10% in the index. Keep an eye on it until the work on this index is complete. It is best to write down the tasks. If I don't write down a job, I often forget it. I have a paper pen as soon as I leave the house. I can easily take notes on important phone numbers and work.

Just as we should make a list of edited works, we should also make a list of unedited works. Also, list the things you don't want to do on this schedule, such as monotonous social work, lunch, talking on the phone, disliked relatives, going to the market, and so on. These are things you don't enjoy doing. Remember, you can only say 'no' to these disliked actions. There is no need to waste your energy and make your head hurt to please others. This choice is yours and you have to decide.

Complete sleep. It will refresh you. Fatigue is felt when the required sleep is not complete. Most lakes require 6 to 4 hours of complete sleep, depending on the speed of their work. Some people feel refreshed when they sleep for a long time. You need to realize how many hours of sleep will keep your brain energized and fresh. Then try to sleep a little this time. Apart from sleeping at night, some people also like to sleep during the day. I am one of them. I feel a little drowsy or lie down in a big chair with my legs spread. I try to enjoy this sleep. Even in my long working life I have maintained the habit, as a result of which I am refreshed for the rest of the day and sometimes able to work many nights. However, only high-ranking officials can get this benefit. One of my acquaintances was the Superintendent of Police of the CBI and he used to walk on Parliament Street in front of the office for some time during lunch. After becoming the director of CBI, he used to rest for 20 minutes after lunch. He was instructed not to bother her at this time and not to make any phone calls. Comes. If you are a lower or middle class person, I would suggest you to eat a little light at lunch instead of filling your stomach. When your stomach is full, you will fall asleep. I just drank tea when I realized there was no time like lunch. To stay fresh, make the same bed every night and leave the bed at the same time. Do not change the walking time. As a result, a routine is created for our body and as a result, there is a beautiful workaholic. If you think you won't wake up at the right time, you can set an alarm on your watch or phone. Do not lie down more or less than you need, it will cause a laziness in your body. Despite thousands of attempts, many times we feel tired or lazy. I have felt this many times during my government service. To get rid of this problem, I used to relax a little at work. We gain strength through food, tea, coffee, sandwiches, etc. with a special friend or relative. We have to maintain our own strength at all times. Only then will we be able to work through the improvement process throughout the day. Only when you have enough energy can you solve any harassment in minutes. There is a saying that "a hungry man is an angry man" which means that a hungry person gets angry.

To be continue.......

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