Imagination of the Future - part - 2

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If you haven't read the previous article on Imagination of the Future please read it first.

When you meet a person before lunch break, there is a roughness in his nature. Because at that time he was hungry. If you want to do something with someone, see him only when he is completely fresh, not hungry at all. If you get hungry while working, you will lose energy. At that time, eat any nutritious fruit or food to increase your energy.

You can walk for a while as you wish, drink a glass of water or drink a glass of juice. Try to recognize the special few hours for your work. For example, walk from 4 to 9 in the morning, snack from 9 to 10, phone from 10 to 11, computer from 11 to 12, work 2 hours continuously from 12 to 2. During this time you can take a break for ten minutes and relax the body by throwing a little hand and foot. I plan this way throughout the day. Sometimes this rule is broken but I try to maintain integrity.

If someone appears to talk to me during my walk, I tell him to walk with me, so that both walking and talking will be done together. Most people understand my purpose and question when they will actually meet later.

Make time for yourself:
Also look at yourself for some time in the important work of the day. Set aside some time for yourself so that you can relax while calling, reading, or sitting quietly for a while. I have placed special emphasis on this. When I walk, I relax for a while or go out for window shopping. Just as you make time to meet others, make time to meet yourself.

Facing obstacles in the way of life is a harsh truth. It will stay with us for as long as we live, such as long conversations with the past, interruptions in the middle of conversations with family members while working in a room where the boss suddenly closes the meeting. Even if all these obstacles are not encountered, you have to face various obstacles at least once in an hour. Duhiver asked for money to refuel the car, and on top of that I got calls from Jalalabad, Mumbai and Gurgaon, thus there were eight obstacles during work from 11 am to 12 noon. It becomes difficult to stay focused on one's work. Or I can do only one thing, that is, I can try to get the best out of it in less time.

Set aside a specific time for certain tasks, such as when I am busy with a particular task to let the phone call voice match. Then I answer at my own convenience because everyone calls at their own convenience. I have ordered my secretary to take a letter from the courier so that I can engage in special work at that time. The quality of your work will be better only if you do it with full concentration while performing a task. This way you can use your time at the right time. Once organized, you can still win half the battle.

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