the Big Change of STEEMZZANG in November !

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Hello, STEEMZZANG users,

November is going to be the month of the huge change for STEEMZZANG.

The first major change will be that STEEMZZANG discontinues to upvote on the promoted postings by burning ZZAN tokens.
At the same time, STEEMZZANG will focus on voting to new postings.

@zzan.hmy, which was the main account for the support of the promoted postings, will implement this change.
For this project, @zzan.hmy plans to increase the current 1.3 million ZZAN power to 2 million ZZAN power.
500,000 ZZAN power was undelegated back from SCT to @zzan.hmy and the remaining will be delegated from account.

The post which is written at is supposed to receive 30 % upvoting by @zzan.hmy
Or you can receive 10 % upvoting when the posting has ZZAN as a primary main tag, even if it is not written at

This policy is to foster the newbies entering STEEMZZANG and to alleviate the imbalance of ZZAN reward, and hopefully, to make a positive impact on Steemit ecosystem, not only on STEEMZZANG.

The second change, we will randomly comment wishing your good luck on the posting and give you 100% voting with 2 million ZZAN power to select ONE lucky jackpot!

STEEMZZANG administrations always do the best for the happiness of STEEMZZANG users.
We hope you enjoy the fun and rewards!



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